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When the United States Military is Involved, Failure is Not an Option. Custom Electric Solution

No specification is more stringent then the United State Armed Forces. Equipment must be designed to handle the most demanding tasks, performing with a zero-failure rate. Building equipment to meet these requirements is difficult in itself but having to build it around existing infrastructure is nearly impossible.

This was the task given to Gavan Graham to upgrade the existing POL System at Anderson Airforce Base on the island of Guam. Military specifications required this equipment to be fabricated from Stainless Steel, meeting NEMA 4X Standards, even though this equipment was being installed in a climate-controlled room. To make this that much more difficult, all equipment had to be brought in through a single double set of doors, 84”H x 64”W. When a building has 48” thick blast resistant walls, cutting a path through them is not an option.

2 double ended switch boards

Our first task was providing (2) double ended switchboards that will feed fuel pump controllers. With normal height UL891 equipment measuring 90”H, standard equipment would not work. Gavan Graham was able to design 72” Low Height UL891 NEMA 4X Switchboards that could be rolled through the existing door. Safety was paramount, so all bussing was insulated, and custom joint boots for molded to prevent any chance of a fault.

Our second challenge was providing NEMA 4X rated Motor Control Center.

For those unaware, NEMA 4X Motor Control Centers do not exist. Add to this the entry requirements, and you really need to start thinking outside the box.

To meet the first problem, Gavan Graham Fabricated Custom NEMA 4X Enclosures to house the Motor control Centers. Nearly 100” Tall, the MCC’s had be specially braced to all them to be put on the back and rolled into the room.

The second problem was dealing with the width. The MCC”s were to wide to fit, so Gavan had to modify the MCC sections, extending the bus to allow for proper door swing for access to the MMC buckets, and custom Lug details to all sections of MCC’s to be cabled together once in the room to recreate the intended lineup, all while maintaining a NEMA 4X Watertight rating.

When it comes to supporting our service men and women, Gavan Graham will spare no expense in making sure that they will be able to complete there mission, no matter what the task.

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