• Gavan Graham

What do you do when you need to install a 38kV Lineup on the 22nd Floor of a tower in Jersey City?

This was the question that was brought to Gavan Graham. Owners of a state of the art Data Center in Jersey City were upgrading their service to meet the demands of their customers looking to move there operations out of New York City.

The problem was that due to location, floor level, and the existing infrastructure, costs for craning the equipment it were surpassing 1 million dollars, months of work and an overwhelming burden on the local area due to construction closures.

Enter Gavan Graham. With over 70 years of building electrical equipment that most manufactures say cannot be done, we devised a solution that would allow them to literally roll it down the hallway. Gavan Graham designed a 38kv lineup that not only broke down into individual sections, but went further in breaking down each section into 4 modules, allowing contactors to bring each piece through the front door, down a hallway, and up the freight elevator. The equipment was then reassembled on site, with nothing more than a small hand jack by a few electricians who were brought in during the construction phase to witness how the equipment was to be assembled to meet all ANSI and IEC codes.

Gavan Graham provides solutions. From conception to installation, we can provide our customers with unmatched design, fabrication, and installation options not found in today’s cookie cutter approach to switchgear design.

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